meanwhile, in Taiwan

well, hello. it's been starting to feel like all New Zealand all the time around here. not that that's a bad thing. but life is still rolling along here in Taiwan. so I figured a currently/life lately/random list of thoughts kind of post was a bit overdue.

I think it must be confusing sometimes to read "travel" blogs, because we aren't always posting our adventures in real time. [I'd like to spend my free time on vacation relaxing, sorry.] so to clarify where I will actually be over the next few months...

from now until the second week of June, I'll be in Taiwan. mostly Hsinchu. we'll be hunting for an apartment in Taipei and hopefully I will get the bulk of our stuff packed up and maybe even moved. because from there - I'm flying back to Michigan for my cousin's wedding and a few weeks of summer! [thankfully the visa situation worked out] and at the end of July we will return to Taipei and settle into our new apartment.

in preparation for our move, and because it was desperately needed, I spent all of yesterday sorting through my wardrobe. I've been feeling pretty good about myself lately. I've been eating moderately healthy and trying to get back into walking/jogging after some foot pain. but going through my closet was not really a pleasant experience. am I the only one who has 5 pairs of pants/shorts that they cannot comfortably zip up and yet hold onto because they are cute and expensive? and yet I rarely wear them and they sit in my closet just making me feel guilty.

I think it's time to get rid of them. plus... excuse to buy new cute shorts and pants? in the proper size.

spring is in full force in Taiwan. which means chilly and rainy one week, hot and humid the next. everything is blooming. I've been taking my camera on some long walks so I thought I'd share a few snaps.

I've also been trying to participate in Melyssa's #TNCLovesSpring instagram challenge. recovering from New Zealand instagram withdrawal has been tough, but this has definitely helped me appreciate my Taiwan surroundings.

and then I joined in on the daily emails and #aprillove2015 instagram challenge that the lovely Susannah has put together. because more photo prompts never hurt anyone, and neither did encouraging self-love emails.

other than that - I've been trying to dig back into my book manuscript, playing around with brush lettering and watercolor pencils, slugging through my blog class, and alternating between excitement and terror at turning 30 this month. [though, mostly excitement.]

I hope your April is off to a good start! this month feels like it's full of potential :)

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