the Moeraki Boulders

when we were planning our road trip around New Zealand's south island, I knew we had to add a pit stop at the Moeraki Boulders. it was an easy detour on our way from Dunedin up to Christchurch [about 1km out of the way.]

we saw a lot of natural wonders during our NZ travels, but these spherical rocks had to be the strangest. as soon as we hit the beach, my shoes came off and the camera came out.

alternate title for this post: photos of Jamie standing on rocks

extra thanks to Husband for holding my shoes [which I should have left in the car] and also my bag [ditto] and for patiently shooting all those photos of me standing on rocks. I get excited about some of the strangest things. and playing on these rocks was one of them.

there is a bit of mystery and sometimes controversy surrounding these strange egg-like formations. science argues that they are naturally occurring phenomena, formed over tens of thousands of years. the Maori claim they are ancient eel baskets from a legendary canoe crash. some of the more interesting theories involve aliens, dinosaurs, and a tourism scheme.

whatever the actual origin [probably science] I had a lot of fun splashing and climbing around these rocks. sometimes, I just like to enjoy something without worrying about the backstory.


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