cruising Milford Sound: part 2

we've already discussed how beautiful and remote Milford Sound is. and why you should definitely take yourself on a cruise through this magical bit of New Zealand's fiordlands.

but I have more. because Milford Sound is too much for just one post. or even two.

while we sailed back into the sound from the ocean, we crossed paths with an overnight cruise ship and another colony of seals. we didn't get quite as close to this group, because we were en route to a specific spot of the sound to explore...

while there were plenty of waterfalls visible around the sound thanks to recent rains, Stirling Waterfall is one of 2 permanent falls in Milford Sound. our boat pulled up just as a group of sea kayakers were finishing in the area - you can see them in their yellow kayaks above.

most of us rushed out onto the front deck of the boat to see the falls up close. but when I realized the boat was heading right into this waterfall, I made a mad dash for the inside to protect my camera. everyone who stayed out [my Husband included] got soaked. all part of the fun... except when there's photography gear involved!

as we made our way back to the dock, the low clouds cleared around Mitre Peak for just a brief moment. it wasn't the greatest of views... but we almost didn't get to see it at all. our tour was definitely more on the misty and moody side of things.

I would have loved to cruise Milford Sound on a clear day - though I think no matter the weather, the sound puts on a good show. I'm still glad we are able to go, and it was a fantastic way to spend the morning. [besides... I managed some shots of Mitre Peak when we came back down that afternoon.]

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