Queenstown NZ // on top of the world

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown
clouds over Lake Wakatipu
sunflare over mountain

Queenstown New Zealand is a beautiful little city tucked along the shores of Lake Wakatipu. it is surrounded by the Remarkables mountain range and known for adventure sports of all kinds. we didn't go bungee jumping or skiing or skydiving or even parasailing during our visit there. but we did ride the Queenstown Gondola up to the top for an incredible view.

which, of course, turned out to be quite an adventure.

The Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu
chair lift over Queenstown
view of Lake Wakatipu Queenstown
view of Queenstown New Zealand

we arrived shortly before sunset. words like "stunning" and "incredible" and "gorgeous" started spilling out of our mouths. the sun was throwing beams across Lake Wakatipu below, but it was chilly up top. so we bundled up and wandered, content to have the trails mostly to ourselves.

sun rays over Lake Wakatipu
chair lift and mountains in Queenstown
view of Lake Wakatipu

despite the chill, we were all smiles. with gorgeous views like this - how could we not be? [obviously we had no premonition that we'd be getting stuck in the gondola on the way down for over 2 hours.] the fluffy clouds, the shifting light, the remarkable mountains that truly live up to their name... it felt like we were on top of the world.

Queenstown from above

some people might be disappointed to visit the "adventure capital of the world" and have their biggest excitement be getting stuck in a gondola. they might want to take advantage of all the adventuresome options there are to experience in Queenstown.

but. willingly jumping out of a plane isn't my idea of a good time. I'm just not that kind of person. and you know what? that's ok. a sight like this is all the thrill I need.

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