a picnic at Kaka Point

since the drive from Dunedin to Nugget Point Lighthouse was an hour and a half [each way] we opted to pack ourselves a picnic lunch to bring along. Kaka Point Beach is located just north of the lighthouse, on the edge of the Catlins, and looked to be a perfect spot for a picnic.

I mean - how could you resist such a perfectly placed driftwood picnic bench?

I admit I ate rather quickly so I could get to exploring the beach with my camera. New Zealand's shores are so interesting - such a variety of beaches to be found around the islands. Kaka Point seemed to have both the smooth sand of Cathedral Cove and the interesting formations and seaweeds of Cave Rock.

I stalked this seagull for a while, poked my lens into tidal pools, and got my toes wet in search of seashells. the weather changed from grey and cloudy to sunny and warm, and we started peeling off our layers.

I love the ocean, the beach, sunshine. and of course having interesting things to photograph. Husband sat on a rock with a book. our one friend started climbing rocks, while the other was wandering and taking pictures like me. we were all blissfully content.

there were plenty of roadside picnics during our 3 week road trip around New Zealand, but I think this stop at Kaka Point was my favorite. rather than rushing right back to the car to keep driving, we were able to relax and explore.

I would have been happy to stay here all afternoon. but we had other plans [involving penguins] so we packed up and headed back over rolling hills to Dunedin.

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