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say hello to our new Christmas tree. she may not be the most original, but for the first time in my adult life I have a tree that looks like it was decorated by an adult. [or really, IKEA. since that's where all this color coordinated decor came from.] I also love that this tree is "long needle" and did not scratch my hands up terribly while I decorated it.

a few rogue ornaments have slipped in since these photos were taken. a small silver house frame Husband brought back from his work with the Tabitha Foundation NGO in Cambodia. a painted footprint from my nephew. and most recently: Christmas coasters from a German beer hall here in Taipei.

I also hung up some of my favorite instant photos from our travels over the years, and added some tiny ornaments. the couch got a pillow makeover with burgundy and reindeer print - IKEA again.

add some vanilla cookie scented candles [why don't they carry pine tree fragrance anywhere in Taiwan?] and you've got about all the holiday spirit I was capable of this year. sadly I was in a cold medicine haze for about a week and not feeling very jolly. [hopefully since writing this, our time in Singapore has changed that!]

one of my favorite things is buying crazy Taiwanese holiday cards. the translations never quite come out right, but they are always so cute and elaborate I can't resist. this year's theme seemed to be "an army of Santas." I guess that's one theory on how he makes it around to everyone all in one night!

I keep telling myself that one year I'll get around to printing and mailing actual cards to everyone. this year I went so far as to mock something up - one of my favorite photos form earlier this year when we visited New Zealand. so you can go ahead and consider this my holiday card for you:

I hope your holidays are very happy! I'll be back from Singapore with lots to share next week.

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