Huashan Creative Park // Taipei's brick paradise

exposed brick. is this just a blogger's weakness? or do normal humans feel the lure of a perfectly stacked and mortared wall? regardless, the Huashan 1914 Creative Park is hands down the best place in Taipei to get your brick wall photo fix. [just be sure to bring your Instagram Husband along!]

it's also a great place to hunt through quirky shops, explore art exhibits, view indie films, attend concerts, and grab a cup of coffee. but with all the brick walls and gorgeous tile work interlaced with tree roots and leafy branches, occasionally sprinkled with graffiti - well it's no surprise that you can't walk 10 feet in this park without spotting someone with a camera, or dressed up for a photoshoot.

the facilities here, built in 1914, used to house Taiwan's largest winery. the factory stood abandoned in the middle of the city for decades. 20 years ago, an enterprising group of thespians renovated an empty warehouse into an impromptu theatre. from there, various non-profits and creatively oriented organizations have worked to install event spaces, restaurants, and stores into the space - all while maintaining it's unique character.

I love a lot of things about Taipei, but the fact that this place exists - an entire park dedicated to the encouragement and exhibition of Taipei's creative minds - just makes my heart smile. does your city have a space like this? I hope it does.

read more about Huashan on the Creative Park website, or visit yourself while in Taipei by walking from the MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng stop.

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