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I discovered a new blog a few weeks ago through a friend that is written by a former international teacher [hello, coincidence!] who goes by Ms. India Banks. she has recently done me the honor of nominating me for an award. I'm not even sure what this award means, but the premise seems to be a good way to get to know some fellow bloggers better, and to discover some new ones :)

the gist is that you answer the questions that the person who nominated you wrote, and then write some questions of your own for the people that you nominate.

SO here are the questions that India wrote, and what you get to learn about me today...

What film do you watch over & over again?/ in high school it was 10 things I hate about you. nowadays it seems we are always watching new movies, either in theaters or renting on AppleTV.

If you could live in another era - which would it be?/ I would want to live in the early 1900's - if I could be born into a wealthy English family of Egyptologists with advanced views on women's rights.

What song/singer/band do you listen to first thing mornings?/ depends on what my current obsession is. recent songs on repeat include: M83, Jeff Buckley, Florence + The Machine, and Fleetwood Mac.

Who is your favorite poet?/ Pablo Neruda

What - besides sad things - makes you cry?/ Taylor Swift music videos [I'm serious]

What book are you reading right now?/ currently I'm reading three: the happiness project, the Buddha walks into a bar, and guilty pleasures

For you - the perfect Saturday means what?/ an early morning run, bacon + eggs + coffee for breakfast, blog or book reading, couch time with Husband, getting gussied up for drinks and dinner out with friends, or making something tasty at home [preferably Mexican]

Do you feel hungry after eating sushi - or is it just me?/ YES.

How often do you talk to your mother on the phone?/ usually talk once a week, text almost every day. though now we will have skype dates :)

What's your dream job & are you doing it?/ still trying to figure out exactly what my dream job is and how I can get there.

Are you in madly in love with someone or would you like to be?/  am I madly in love? yes, yes I am. unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it is a waste of time. there are too many mediocre things in life. love should not be one of them.
the bloggers I'd like to nominate are:
Katie [Katie's Epic Tale]
Nancy [Fitness from the Heart]
Carin [CJC]
... and anyone else who wants to participate! feel free to post on your blog and comment below so we can learn a little more about you too :)

what I'd like to know:
how do you like your eggs?
if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
your favorite book of all time?
what sports [if any] did you play in high school?
would you rather be too hot or too cold?
when did you start your blog, and why?
as a child, did you eat your vegetables?
what skill would you like to master someday?
coffee or tea [and how do you take it]?
when you are sad, what can always cheer you up?


  1. dear jamie, i hope you'll be pleased to know that i follow & ADORE your blog! please link back to http://desperatenglishteachers.blogspot.com/2012/07/three-times-lady.html so that my friends can stop by & say hello to you here xx india banks

  2. oh & i loooove your answers!!!

  3. haha, you are too funny. i love that taylor swift movies make you cry.
    and seriously, 10 things i hate about you is just too perfect!
    xo TJ


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