three suitcases

tomorrow, I am going to attempt to pack my entire life into three suitcases, fifty pounds each.

we've run our final errands in preparation for our move. our American cell phones go dead on the 27th. we have cash and passports and visas ready to go. we've stocked up on toiletries and necessities, and purchased additional luggage to pack in. I sorted through my wardrobe, pitching half of it into the donate pile.

it's both liberating and terrifying to whittle down your worldly possessions to what you hope weighs less than 150 pounds. through the whole process I've been wondering why I've held on to so much stuff... but now is the time to let go of old baggage. [both figuratively and literally.]

this morning I went for a run. some days I'd rather be lazy, but I never regret when I actually get up and go. maybe it's endorphins, or just some alone time to think, but it helps me sort through things.

it was warm and windy today, and dark clouds were gathering in the distance as I set out. not very far up the dirt road, thunder boomed once and it started to pour. I looked to the west and the sky was dark, but stretched out behind the storm was a rainbow.

the symbolism is not lost on me. here we are, in the chaos of moving abroad. but the end is in sight.

tomorrow, we pack. thursday, we go.

and then the adventure really starts.

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