two weeks and counting

if you had told me this is what I would be doing with my life 10 years ago, the 17 year old me would have thought you were mental- that I would be married and starting a family in Michigan, not moving to the other side of the world. 5 years ago, the 22 year old living in New York would have her doubts as well - not because I would never leave the east coast, but if I did it would be to someplace more "romantic" than Asia.

but, here I am now, two weeks away from boarding a plane to Taiwan.

people grow up, plans change, perceptions are challenged, and things that seemed impossible once can sometimes fall into place. this is what we are doing and where we are going and I know it's right.

am I scared? yes.

am I excited? absolutely.

but mostly, I am impatient. I'm tired of telling the same stories over and over, answering the same questions. I am ready to go, to be in Taiwan, so I have something new to talk about...

today, I am ready.

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