snapshots : family vacation

we are back from vacation and in the land of internet access again! I've been going through the 400+ photos I took last week [and trying to edit the last month's photos as well] so for now I will share some pictures taken on my phone. these were all taken with the instagram app - if you have an iPhone or Android you can follow me @jamiethewalker or view my feed online]

our first stop was Mackinac Island, with Husband's family. we hiked, we biked, and we ate molasses-hickory bacon for breakfast every morning at the Seabiscuit Cafe.

we tried to keep our activities low-key since the weather was a lot warmer than expected. [I know the heat wave was all over the country, but for Mackinac to be in the 90s is ridiculous.] we wandered through the air conditioned shops downtown, picked up souvenirs and sent fudge to family and friends, and played bananagrams in the lobby.

on Thursday Husband and I packed up and took the ferry back to the lower peninsula. we drove down to the tiny town of Lake, MI. [no, it's not on Lake Michigan. yes, many people get very confused when I try to explain this] my family has had a cabin on 8 point lake for the past 40ish years. this year we actually stayed a rental cabin on the other end of the lake... having an extra bathroom made it worth the hike!

life on the lake consists of: waking up, working out, hanging out, lunching, heading to the sandbar for conversations + frisbee [with beverages and the occasional jello shot], family dinner, sunset boat cruise, fireworks watching and maybe a campfire.

rinse, repeat.

as far as family vacations go, it was pretty great. I'm glad we had a chance to see everyone and catch up before we head out [in 2 weeks!]. I'll be back soon with more photos and the recipe for Luke's Mexican casserole.

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