editing: I finally finished the pictures from summer vacation, so now I'm on to pictures from this weekend - including the above. a friend was in town and we took a long walk through the science park, down guang fu, and went to eat at a famous dumpling restaurant. more to come.

sweating: yoga class. some of the teachers arranged for a yoga teacher to come in once a week to give a class. I'm so glad I signed up! it's definitely a workout, but I love how strong and limber it makes me feel. I also signed up to run a half marathon in December, and I think the class will really help with flexibility and strength building.

creating: sunday I went to an event called "drink + draw" which is a small drawing class held at a local tea house / bar called Titty Tea. [not joking.] we all took turns drawing each other, and I discovered that sitting still and not laughing while everyone is staring at you is harder than it looks!

learning: Mandarin. [at least a little] I started Rosetta Stone last week and right now all I can remember is "water", but it's one more word than I knew before. hopefully I can work doing the activities more frequently and they will start to stick.

trying: substitute teaching! I taught 5 english lit classes for a friend today, and it sure was interesting to be on the other side of the desk. I started the first class of the day completely drenched in sweat [have I mentioned my fear of public speaking?] but the kids were very well behaved. I might be brave enough to try subbing again, but I am SO not entering a career as a teacher. I'll leave that to Husband and all the other incredible teacher friends and relatives of mine.

reading: I'm still working on writing at the kitchen table [a biography on Elizabeth David] but Husband brought me home the sound and the fury which might be my next read. I remember it was an option for my AP english class final project, but I opted for wuthering heights instead.

...speaking of Husband, I should tell you that he has started his own blog. I also should tell you to go check it out for a peek at his side of our life here :)

feel free to share what's going on currently in your neck of the woods... happy monday!

["currently" post inspired by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet]


  1. Debbie Austin10/1/12, 10:58 PM

    I'm glad your day of teaching went well! You were very brave to take that on :)

    1. thanks, me too :) I was offered another sub spot for tomorrow and friday but decided I need at least a week to recover!!

  2. so happy to see that you're settling in over there AND reading The Sound and the Fury, one of my favorites. I lived next door to Faulkner's home in Oxford, so read this book in the garden and on the front porch at Rowan Oak one fall. good luck with the drawing & writing :)

    1. reading Faulkner in the garden and on the front porch next to his home... that's too perfect. I read As I Lay Dying back in school but always wanted to get around to Sound and the Fury. I've heard SO much about it and I'm excited to start. [though I'm thoroughly prepared to be confused before I can appreciate it!]

  3. I want to get back into doing yoga! Great post :) I did a currently post too if you want to check it out.

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}


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