yehliu, part two

more from our trip to Yehliu Geopark. I could wax poetic about more petrified sand dollars. or tell you the tale of how 8 travelers made their way to the northeast tip of the island by scooter, train + bus. I could even spout off a funny little anecdote about starting a new trend in famous rock photography. but spending hours going through pictures of rocks has me feeling like my head is full of them.

 so I will simply say... it weirds me out that the Pacific Ocean is now on my east coast.


  1. Wax poetic - please! These photographs are spectacular. And I understand the geographical conflict. Spoiler alert - there's no cure for it xx

  2. I went to Taiwan two years ago and had the opportunity to visit Yehlius Geopark on my last full day. I was really glad I got to see it. Your photos do it great justice. Thanks for sharing. :)


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