din tai fung [dumplings!]

dumplings. delicious little packets of juicy, salty, spicy, goodness.

hands down, the dumplings from Din Tai Fung are best dumplings we've had in Taiwan. [so good that once they land on the table they disappear faster than my lens can capture] obviously that puts it on our "must-do" list for any visitors that may roll through.

so this past weekend, we headed there with our first visitor and a group of friends. since they don't do reservations on weekends, we spent our waiting time planning out what we wanted to order for our feast. [and of course taking pictures]

there are literally a dozen of these guys working in the kitchen, all day long, just to make and enough dumplings for the day. they mix the dough, portion it and roll it and stuff it and pinch it, and then the dumplings are steamed to order.

some of the things we ordered: vegetable dumplings with pork, soup dumplings, fried shrimp dumplings, wonton dumplings in spicy sauce, sauteed spinach, sauteed cabbage with garlic, pork buns, green beans with pork, sour melon, and fried rice.

I was disappointed that they were sold out of spicy pickled cucumbers for the day, but the green beans with pork [basically BACON] were phenomenal. I also thoroughly enjoyed my other "gluten-less" options of pork fried rice and cabbage with garlic. and... one dumpling.

I was also excited that they had REAL DIET COKE!  and though I know diet coke gives you cancer and has all sorts of icky things in it but it just tastes soooo good. most places here only serve regular coke or coke zero, so it's not like I drink it every day. in fact this is the first time I've had a diet coke since moving to Taiwan. crazy.

overall it was an awesome meal... good conversation and lots of great food. seriously, someone else needs to come visit soon so we have an excuse to go back!

[by the way... our first visit to Din Tai Fung was a stop at Taipei branch for dinner on our way back from Hualien and Taroko Gorge. they have a few other branches in Taiwan, including Hsinchu, and also around Asia. they actually have 3 branches in the states: two in LA and one in Seattle. if you happen to live nearby or find yourself in that neck of the woods, I highly recommend stopping by.]

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