our city

the other day I was scooting around running errands, and at some point of the inner monologue that constantly runs through my head I referred to Hsinchu as "our city".

I honestly can't remember what it was I was thinking, because once I realized what I had done my train of thought was completely derailed. I tested the phrase a couple of times. our city. our city.

and it really hit me that Hsinchu has made its mark on our life. and will always be a part of who we are now. we are growing, changing, writing a new chapter in our history. it crept up on me slowly... forming habits, getting lost, adapting to lifestyle changes, overcoming fears, and finding beauty in the everyday. it's been exciting, exhausting, incredible, terrifying, and amazing. everything. all at once. but now, this is our city.

our city with it's dragon-covered temples that pop up out of nowhere. our city that has "mountains" and then actual mountains, all within 10 kilometers. our city that has a downtown shaped like a wagon wheel, that can only be reached by mysterious scooter tunnels. our city that is so clean, yet has random corners that smell like outhouse. our city where we are stared at wherever we go [one friend suggested pretending to be a celebrity.] our city where driving down guang fu in rush hour is like navigating black friday shopping. our city where the covered electrical boxes on the street are painted in murals of mountains and the sea. our city that I'm finally comfortable navigating. our city. our Thai place, our karaoke hotel, our starbucks, our costco, our ice cream milk tea, our stray parking lot kitten, our lakeside park, our roof deck, our friends, our city.

of course I still miss the states. the people who are my people. gluten-free food that is easily obtainable. my fluffy kittens. my East Lansing. my New York. those things will never leave my heart.

but now this place has found it's way into being mine, ours. and I kindof like it.

our city.


  1. Observing personal changes like that is pretty fascinating in myself so I can only guess the experience was similar for you. Looks like your city is a fantastic, amazing place. (:

  2. I love all your gorgeous pictures, but I also love when you write posts like this. keep writing and keep growing.


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