friday five

today's friday five is brought to you by:

1. the newly painted chalkboard wall in my office
2. a pack of wildberry skittles... and maybe a dirty martini
3. small [but awesome] discoveries of new photoshop tricks
4. anticipation for Husband's return from Taipei tomorrow
5. the joy of being yourself, no matter how silly or goofy it seems ♥

happy weekend! xo


  1. I love this. This has made me smile on a really gloomy day. I hope your husband makes it back quickly and safely.

    Laura xo

    1. thanks, Husband is now back safe and sound! glad I could make you smile with my goofiness :)

  2. love this chalkboard. it's making me suddenly nostalgic for chalkboard + chalk and suddenly hating whiteboards + stinky markers/exacto spray cleaner.


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