holiday wishlist

November in Taiwan has definitely been a different experience from the past few years. Thanksgiving is next week... and I'm still wearing shorts. Costco is selling trees and nativity sets [though they've been there since we arrived in August] and our local Starbucks broke out the red cups and Christmas music last week. other than that, there isn't much evidence that the holidays are fast approaching.

now is the time I usually start thinking about shopping for gifts, and thinking what to ask for myself. this year will be strange and kindof sad not being with any family in person, but thankfully there is still the internet [online shopping!] and the postal service for sending gifts. I'm usually close to the wire with my shopping [though one year Husband and I went on black friday] but this year I need to plan ahead to get everything there on time!

here's a peek at the wishlist I've been putting together:

1. I'm obsessed with these chocolate tortoise honeybadgers from Bonlook. I have daily contacts now, but end up wearing them everyday since my glasses give me a headache after a few hours. my prescription is a few years out of date... but if I had some stylish [and correct] lenses I would rock them out more often. [$99]

2. when Husband and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, we brought an underwater disposable camera. I was thinking about our CNY trip and thought it would be way more fun to get a bright teal lifeproof case for my iPhone, which allows you to use your phone to take underwater photos [as well as protects it from sand, snow, and drops on the floor.] even though my iPhone doesn't work as a phone in Taiwan, I still carry it with me almost everywhere and instagram daily. [$80]

3. I've been wanting a stylus for writing on my iPad [instead of just using my fingers!] and the consensus seems to be the Wacom Bamboo Solo is the best. they come in a rainbow of colors, and I'd love any one of them. [$30]

4. this Fuji Instax Wide 210 instant camera would be so fun to play with. I've been eying instant cameras for a while now, and I think a polaroid wall in my office needs to happen. [$80 camera only / $99 camera + film]

5. obviously, my wish list can't be complete without a few shades of essie. I'm loving the bold shimmery red of "leading lady" and the glitzy silver/gold of "beyond cozy" from the new winter collection. I've been a very good girl since we got to Taiwan and I haven't purchased ANY polish... so I think Santa owes me a bottle or two :) [$8 each]

so... what's on your holiday wish list? does yours look as nerdy as mine? [I mean, glasses + gadgets, really!]


  1. I too have a new pair of glasses on my list! Those tortoise ones are so lovely!

  2. Love the blog, I used to live in Taiwan when I was a kid, went to Taipei American School 2nd-4th grade :) Saw you were looking for a stylus for your iPad. I just got a great one, it's pinpoint like a ball point pen, with a plastic protector allowing the conductive capture to read on the screen. It's absolutely amazing and feels like a real pen, plus no more squeaking :) It's called the Jot Stylus by Adonit (http://adonit.net/jot-family/) Cheapest at Walmart, but also available from Think Geek.

    1. crazy- we have a friend who teaches at TAS right now! I love how the internet lets people find connections like that :) I'll take a look around for the Adonit next time I'm at the electronics store and maybe see if they will let me test them... thanks for the advice!

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