our college friends, otherwise known as "the 434" at our wedding June 2010

one of our best friends is marrying the love of his life today, and we are not there.

it's heartbreaking to have to type those words.

this is the third wedding we have missed due to our decision to move to Taiwan [one was before we even left]. one more we know of we'll miss for sure in march, two others currently pending dates to be set. we missed homecoming. we missed birthdays. we'll miss thanksgiving and christmas and new years. we'll miss my dad running the boston marathon. not to mention all the engagements and babies that have yet to be.

we knew we would miss these things when we decided to move. it was part of what made the decision one of the hardest we've ever faced. oh, but it still hurts. maybe even more so because this is something we have chosen.

there are other things we miss: our kittens, shopping at Wegman's, running at the canal, Buddy's gluten-free pizza, having a dishwasher... but by far, it's my people I am homesick for the most.

the next few months are going to be rough, missing all the holidays. I know I'll be fine. there are still plenty of things to be grateful for here. and I'm sure I'll be writing happier things tomorrow... but today in particular I'm just feeling mighty homesick.

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