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I finally finished off the roll of film in my Holga today. a friend of mine gave me this camera before Husband and I left the east coast [so about 5 months ago] and the original roll of film is still in it. I think I've been hesitant to use it because, unlike digital, each shot "really counts". I don't want to "waste" any film. but then, it's not really better to have it just sit in the camera because that's a different kind of waste.

I needed a break today so I went for a walk. I've been painting the wall in my office [another chalkboard wall!] and going through photos from the shoot I did last weekend, and I think the fumes were getting to me. I loaded up my bag with my Holga, my DSLR, and my iPhone. and I walked, and I shot, and I sat. and I enjoyed the late afternoon light and the 80 degree weather. it was wonderful. and I finished the roll.

I'm excited to see how they turn out... I can't even remember most of what I shot. a few frames I know I accidentally double exposed, so even if they aren't "good" they should be interesting. [I think that's kindof the whole point of toy cameras though, isn't it?] I'm glad I can cross this off my 13 by 2013 list, and hopefully I can find a place that will develop film and do digital prints so I can cross that off the list as well.

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  1. Awesome! I've always wanted a Holga camera but never got around to getting one. I have another film camera so I totally get what it means to make every shot count!


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