editing: pictures from our trip to Taichung last weekend. Husband and I took the train down for the afternoon and had a nice little adventure date. I haven't been out of the house much [other than running errands and subbing] since the crash, but hopefully there will be more adventures soon. also some crafty stuff, and nails.

subbing: 8th grade literature and social studies. one of our friends had to fly home to the states on short notice because her dad is sick, so I'm teaching her classes for the next two weeks or so. we made some rough plans before she left, but on the first day I realized a story we planned for one day would take up a week. which is actually a good thing. so I had to sort of re-plan some things, and I'm going to be putting a test together for next week. I know it's not near the work "real" teachers do, but it's crazy.

fostering: oh yeah, we are also watching our friend's foster dog while they are away. after 2 days... I'm pretty sure I'm still a cat person. dogs are a lot of work with all the walking [though it does get me out in the fresh air and sunshine for some exercise... ok maybe it's not so bad.] Husband grew up with a dog, but where he could just open the back door and let the dog run free for exercise and bathroom breaks. I think it's a different experience for him too. though this weekend he plans to give the dog a bath. that should be exciting.

missing: easily available, ready made gluten-free goods. in particular: buddy's pineapple/pepperoni/onion/hot pepper pizza and new planet off the grid pale ale. and my dishwasher. the charm of washing everything by hand and neatly stacking it to dry is starting to wear off. [now that I'm "working" again I miss he little things that used to make our life convenient.]

feeling: borderline sick. I've had general feelings of icky-ness for the past week or so, sinus pressure and sniffles mostly and some low fever. I usually get sick when the weather changes, and all the scooting around in the chilly rainy weather seems to have done me in. I spent monday on a self-imposed sick day with lots of tea + rest, and hope to catch up on more this weekend.

reading: I finally finished the happiness project! and now I'm reading trashy romance novels I downloaded for free on my kindle app. [most of which are better written than the 50 shades of grey series, so stop judging me.] I also downloaded some classics on my list to read... but I like to alternate my reading material between "serious literature" and light and fluffy.

loving: our new space heater. totally worth the downpour I got caught in last friday on my scoot over to get it. Husband and I had been sleeping with every. single. blanket. we have in the house to keep warm at night, but now our room is a toasty little haven. the best part is that it's portable... it may or may not be under my desk keeping my toes warm right now.

the next few weeks will probably be sparse on posting, until I'm done subbing + dog-sitting. feel free to link your "currently" post below or share what's going on in your life.


["currently" post inspired by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet]

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