merry christmas, happy holidays

it would be all too easy to slip into Grinch mode this Christmas. between being sick, subbing, and the sunny + 70F weather... holiday spirit has been difficult to come by.

our celebration this year has been quite unlike any we've experienced, but that's not to say it was bad. though we couldn't see our families [in person at least] we did not have to brave a 12 hour drive through the snow or worse - Newark Airport. sure, my camera batteries died last night at dinner. but not before I got a picture of us with Filipino Santa Claus!

I think especially in moments like this... a holiday meant for celebrating with family at a time where you are far from home... it's most important to not be defeated by your circumstances. to make the best of what you have, enjoy the good of how things are, accept the unexpected, and maybe even start some new traditions in the process.

all in all, our Christmas has been pretty great. and it's not over yet. I'm not going to make promises as to when I'm going to catch up on pictures and blogging... it could be tomorrow and it could be a month from now... but rest assured my camera batteries have been recharged and I have much to share.

and for those of you just starting your celebrations: Merry Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

[photos from a few years ago... Beaumont being [mostly] a good sport. one of the many reasons I miss Target is because you could always find some little gem like this pet antler and jingle collar set for $5. ah, retail therapy.]


  1. merry christmas jamie & i hope you feel better soon :) love the reindeer cat xx

  2. Merry christmas to you and yours!


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