still developing

[photo from this great blog]

this has been an extremely difficult post to write. the weight of all the things left undone and unsaid this year - from my 13 by 2013 list to the kitchen full of dirty dishes - is starting to put me into panic mode. but I'm taking a deep breath, deleting, and starting over.

I had a lot of expectations about where 2012 would take me. Taiwan... was definitely not on that list. from the moment we arrived here, it has been a learning experience. eyes opened. fears faced. stereotypes smashed. more than I had imagined, and sometimes less. it hasn't all been pleasant or comfortable, and at times was downright terrifying. but that's life. progress. growth.

and while I've grown immensely in our time here, there is still much I want to accomplish. lucky for me - there's a whole new year just ahead in which to do it.

so here I am: 2013. trying to find my voice. wanting to be authentic, and vulnerable, and me. sometimes terrified. but still growing, changing, discovering. still developing.


  1. Being so far away from home is hard work - let's face it. And I fully understand the panic mode. But from where I'm sitting - somebody who found Essie Mint Apple and painted a chalkboard wall in Taiwan - not to mention fell off a scooter then got back on it - that's A+ in my book [and I'm a hard grader] xx


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