well, hello there.

[sunset view from the kitchen table, Christmas 2011 in DeKalb IL]

despite my exhaustion and aching knee and stuffy nose, I felt the urge to write. decided to embrace it while it's here. and let what will come out, come out.

it's been a week since my last post... a week!

in fact, I don't think I've turned my computer on since then. take full-time substitute teaching, add a dash of nasty cold and a pinch of dog-sitting and there you go. my spare moments have been spent sipping tea, napping, curled under blankets with a book, or soaking up the December sun. but... I felt the call and I have returned.

the truth is I have about a hundred half-formed thoughts I'd love to write about. maybe in the next few weeks I'll be able to complete and organize them enough for publication. discovering "the whisky cave". progress - and partial lack of- with my happiness project. [ugh. and my 13 x 2013 list] making big plans. the arrival of Christmas packages from home. Husband's birthday. decorating our tiny tree. new year's plans. the incredible group of people here we are blessed to call friends. a knee update. teaching. our traveling, visiting, and hosting itinerary for next summer. life with a dog. adding the diary of a young girl by Anne Frank to my reading list.  rooftop escapes. the rest of our Taichung trip. my new "sexy nerd" glasses. how to Christmas shop in Taiwan....

you get the idea. there's a lot, but none of it solid just yet.

and that's all she wrote. [for today, anyway.]


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