bangkok: the "night market"

 // let's go for a spin

ok. I've shown you what a night market is before. now I'm going to show you a "night market". one that has all the same basic ingredients - food, clothing, souvenirs - but has been organized and plunked into a clean and tourist-friendly grid. does it have the same authentic flavor? not quite. but I'd be lying if I said I missed dragging my feet through dirt and sweating my face off while trying to avoid the stench of stinky tofu.

// view from the ferris wheel // wanderers // fake water tower // fancy eats + grassy park area

welcome to Asiatique. Bangkok's riverfront night market. complete with food stands, upscale restaurants, theater acts, cheap sundresses, expensive antiques, and everything in between. a word of warning- they are only open from 5pm to midnight. plan accordingly to give yourself enough time to explore.

 // doner kebab // eat me // the line

it's usually best to stop and investigate when you see hunks of meat roasting on a turning spit. doner kebab is a Turkish specialty, and yet, they had it here. clearly Husband had to stop for some, since he's quite some time in that country. a tip for picking food stands? go where the lines are long. it's usually worth the wait.

[I feel like that was a very Bourdain paragraph, don't you?]

// one day I will own this // this too

Husband and I were lusting over the contents of this store for at least 20 minutes. it was full of gorgeous woodwork, and we seriously considered purchasing the giant twisty wheel of wood. until we saw the price. and thought about how expensive customs/shipping would be. and where we could store it while living abroad because Taiwan's humidity would kill it. wah, wah. 

// & me // shops + bars + food + more shops // yes, that's a KFC

most of our time was spent window shopping or eating. [I also may or may not have consumed several mai tais.] but we didn't come home completely empty handed... Husband picked out a pair of red, flowy Thai pants for me, and I also found a beachy sundress. in total I spent $12. win!


  1. Just looking at these pictures makes me want a Thai iced coffee!

  2. So funny that I woke up this morning wanting to be in Taiwan! A night market is what every city needs. I LOVE the deer antler lamp even though I feel that makes me slightly criminal :) Happy Sunday xx

  3. I love your Bourdain photo! ;)
    I have to completely agree that if lines are long - it's because it's good!


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