DIY jewelry display wall

I'm kindof sentimental about my jewelry. every necklace I own has a special significance to me. in some way they are all connected to a loved one, a personal moment, a meaningful event or place. these are not the kinds of things I want to keep hidden in a drawer where they get all tangled up together or worse, forgotten.

so I set out to create a jewelry display. I don't have a dresser or large bedside table, so I knew if would have to be something on the wall. if you scour Pinterest you can find dozens of ideas, but I had one major obstacle: all of my walls are cement.

let's talk about cement walls for a minute. in Taiwan, that's what we have. in our entire house. [I guess tile in the bath + kitchen, but that's just as bad.] putting a nail or screw in the wall involves power tools. and a lot of dust. instead, I have been using 3M command hooks. they are manufactured in Taiwan, so just about every store carries a huge selection. 3M hooks have saved my life. I used them to hang up my belts in my closet, my bags in the bedroom, our towels in the bathroom, our helmets in the entry, hot pads in the kitchen... you get the point. and when I found clear hooks with clear stickings? I knew it was the answer to my jewelry problem.

this little nook in our bedroom was the perfect size for the display. I measured the space and used my bed to lay out all the necklaces in the arrangement I wanted, and matched each up with the appropriate size hook[s]. the different sizes are for bearing different weights, but for this project it was more about what size of chain will fit. then I moved everything to stick on the wall. the best part is you can easily remove a hook and replace it with a clean sticky if you aren't accurate in placing it on the wall. and no ugly nail holes. [this would be perfect for renters]

since the hooks are clear, I decided to use a few strips of washi tape to add a little color + structure to the display. there was also a hideous light switch right in the middle of the area I wanted to use... washi tape to the rescue again!

I love this display wall. every time I walk into my room I see it and smile. organized things make me happy! it's also been helping me wear a little more variety with my jewelry, now that it's all out there to see when I'm putting together an outfit. kindof like an interactive wall art installation.

maybe it's the spring cleaning bug, but I can't stop thinking of what else I can organize and/or cover in washi tape... any ideas?


  1. I just came across your blog and subscribed entirely based on this post! This is EXACTLY what I want to do in our bedroom for my necklaces, I was just looking for a good way to do it. So Thanks!!


    1. you're welcome :) send me a pic of your finished wall, I'd love to see it!

    2. I will when I get round to doing it. We are in a big decorating phase at the moment. I'll prob post it on my blog and credit you with the inspiration!

  2. LOVE! So cute! And organized! xoxo

  3. All kinds of precious or semiprecious stone like diamond, pearl and other kind of gold, silver and platinum jewellery becomes dull after regular use from body lotion, cream, oil and dust....
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  4. I've been looking for ideas on jewelry displays for a while now. Like you, I don't like how necklaces get tangled together in a box or how they're rarely worn when I can't see them. I think your idea is perfect for what I want to do. It's creative and easy, but most of all, cheap. LOL! Thanks for sharing Jamie! :)


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