the cats of Thailand

we encountered a lot of cats in Thailand. a lot. and being a cat person, I of course stopped to go "awww" whenever a furry feline happened to cross my path. and occasionally whipped out my camera. this first one, we encountered one morning while walking through the night market in Bangkok. [morning in a night market = empty] this cat, like many others, hangs out around restaurants and food stalls, eating scraps from the kitchen and friendly travelers.

pizza cat. our first night in Railay, we were eating dinner and having a few beverages beachside. there were a few cats wandering around in the sand, including this one. and then this girl [who I assumed was drunk, sorry if you weren't] walked up to one of them with a slice of pizza. I thought no way was the cat going to be interested... but I was wrong. this cat devoured that pizza. it batted at it a little, but mostly just chomped on the cheese and gnawed on the crust like a sauced-up college student at 3am.

you may also have noticed that pizza cat has a stubby little tail. well. one unfortunate thing we discovered about Thailand, is that some people believe that having a cat's tail is good luck. which means... they chop off the tails of wild cats. it kindof makes me sick to think about, but all the tail-less cats I saw seemed to be adjusting ok. I did see plenty of cats with tails, so hopefully this isn't a common custom.

market cats. this kitten and it's momma live in one of the mini-marts on east Railay. the first time I saw them [I swear, I have kitten radar] they were hanging out under a food stand by the market. I was a little concerned seeing how small the kitten was and thinking it was wild, but was relieved to stumble upon them when I was making a shopping run for some wine + rosemary potato chips. it looks like they live a comfy life in the mini-mart... I spotted some food bowls in the back room.

zebra cat. we spotted this guy our last night in Railay, walking down the path from the east beach to the west. I've never seen a cat with these markings before... maybe some kind of bengal? but he looks more tiger than leopard. he clearly belongs to someone, as he has a collar and some kind of red charm or bell. and he's still got his tail, so bonus points to him.

restaurant cat. ok, so this one is actually from Boracay. but nearly every restaurant we ate in on our trip had a cat or two wandering through the tables as we ate [especially the beachside places]. our hotel in Railay had a cat that I think lived in the open-air lobby... he was there every morning for breakfast and snoozing on the front steps each afternoon.

so, there you have the cats of [mostly] Thailand. I wasn't sure where to start with these vacation posts, and cats just seemed the easiest thing to tackle. sorry if you aren't a cat person. next time I'll give you some pad thai or temples or sunsets, ok? ok.


  1. Reminds me of all the cats at the Crab Shack on Tybee Island! :-)

  2. I was never a cat person until my brother brought home the sweetest little thing I've ever met. Now I'm swooning over your photos, especially that little white one!

    1. I seriously wanted to steal the little white kitten... I have two cats back in the states and miss them so much!

  3. Love, love, love your Thailand Cat photos!!

  4. I love it when your away somewhere and there loads of cute cats, you get it a lot in Europe. I want to take them all home though.


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