currently [on the vine]

obsessed with: the vine app. it's like instagram for video. on a 6 second loop. I'm already plotting a million little things to film, but above was my first attempt [the only way I could get the video to embed was by using the tweet] I just wish I would have had this for Thailand... but expect a few posts from the Philippines. currently only available for iPhone, but you can follow me @jamiethewalker or just search for Jamie Walker. warning though- it's addicting.

reading: The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. one of my best friends always gives me a book for Christmas, and this year she sent me the first in this series. it's paranormal/fantasy/mystery/suspense stuff, set in an alternate reality where many of the earth's humans were wiped out by a biochemical weapons experiment gone wrong. paranormal creatures [known as Inderlanders] such as witches, vampires, pixies, fairies, wereanimals and the like decided to come out of the closet after they realized they were immune to the virus [and now outnumbered the humans.] it's a really interesting premise, and a very well-constructed universe. also interesting plot and quick reading for beach/travel time.

watching: the layover. Anthony Bourdain can be a little abrasive for some people, but I like him. and just about every episode of this show I watch makes me want to visit the featured city. definitely check out the episode on Taipei... he goes to Din Tai Fung for soup dumplings [as seen here and here]. the episode on Philly is also incredible. and makes me miss Philly. and the food.

making me smile: being featured as a recommended read on skin & blister! this time of year I always get a lot of emails for permission to link up with my football cake pops post [which also makes me happy, and has gained this blog a few followers] but having someone recommend my personal blog gives me the warm fuzzies. be sure to check out Anna's blog if you are looking for some new reads!

waiting: for the car to come pick us up to head for the airport in about 15 minutes. we are going to be traveling overnight to get to the Philippines, including a 3 to 6am layover in the Manila airport. not really looking forward to that part of the trip, but it's going to be gorgeous once we get there.

["currently" post inspired by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet]


  1. I wasn't too impressed with the vine app until I saw your video! I adore it!

    1. I'm kindof mad at it right now... all the videos I recorded in the Philippines wouldn't upload once I was back in service :/ I still have the videos on my phone, but there's no option to upload a pre-recorded video.


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