Chicago // the bean

growing up in Michigan, I have been to Chicago several times. but. I had never been to the bean. so when I went to visit my cousin this summer, I knew we had to go to Millennium Park and see it.

technically this silver sculpture is called "the cloud gate," but everyone just calls it "the bean". it's one of those ultra-touristy but still iconic things that you just have to do once when you visit Chicago. [like going to the Empire State Building in New York, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.] typically I like to attempt to blend in when I'm traveling, but sometimes you just have to ham it up and wear the tourist label proudly.

the bean is huge and reflective, and it's pretty much impossible to get a clear shot without anyone walking through your path. we handed our cameras over to a bunch of teenage boys from New Zealand and this was they best they could give us. [my phone came back with a few new selfies.]

my favorite thing about the bean is how it reflects the city skyline. we had a bright, clear day and the sky was almost blindingly blue. actually, I bet the clouds would look amazing reflected, and that's probably where the name comes from. maybe I'm getting a touch of homesickness looking at these pictures... but the midwest has sky like nowhere else I've been.

I don't really have much else to say about the bean. it's a just big rounded mirror swarmed by tourists, but you should go see it anyway. you can always stop by the nearby Art Institute or check out the lakeshore while you're there. or you can head to the overpriced cafe on the lower level of the terrace... maybe you'll luck out like I did and find five dollars there.

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