life lately + ww #3

it's been a busy couple of weeks. I think I've finally settled back in to life in Taiwan, cultural oddities not withstanding. Husband is gearing up to head to Beijing for a long weekend [NOT with me, sadly] and we are entering the weird Taiwan weather pattern I like to call "it's November but feels like an early Michigan September. [speaking of Michigan... my MSU Spartans whomped on the Wolverines this past weekend. awesome.]

but first things first: I'm so totally psyched to tell you that my first-ever blog ad is now up and running on The Nectar Collective's sidebar. I'm doing happy backflips... and using phrases like "so totally psyched." I also added a new page of buttons + badges if you would like to take a little bit of me over to your own blog.

in other news... we went to not one but TWO music festivals in Taipei. the first was a collection of cover bands [both expat + local] and had the largest group of white people I have seen in one place in Taiwan. and also, cider on tap. the second was called the Moonrise Kingdom music + fun festival and headlined Explosions in the Sky and The Flaming Lips.

this past weekend we went exploring a little closer to home. we investigated a new craft beer store in Jubei called iBeer [and obviously I had cider.] afterwards we went to check out the peking duck place that always has a line wrapped around the building. the food was SO tasty... until I realized my delicious side dishes all had tiny shrimps in them. wah wah. but we still had a great afternoon - and thanks to the benadryl I always carry - no serious allergic reactions.

and now for some weekly wishes! this week's photo theme was "warmth." there's not a whole lot of need for scarves and hats just yet... so my photo is warm coffee, but also something that gave me the warm fuzzies. Husband woke me up yesterday with a Starbucks delivery, and that's about as awesome as a morning can get. yep, I picked a winner.

last week's wishes:
1. finish and post a font download. done! you can find the new OutLine Font download here.
2. organize the bookshelf in my office. or at least start. I started by clearing off the collapsable table that has been residing in my office and collecting junk. now everything that needs to be on my bookshelf is on there, though it isn't organized. I DID get my 52 weeks project photos up on the wall.
3. watch Hocus Pocus. check! I love how many of you also agree that this is one of the best things about Halloween.

this week I want to:
1. have 2 or more writing sessions for the book. I've been putting off book writing in favor of blog writing and other things [like binge watching Buffy and Angel, oops.] I've started, which is a good... start. but I need to get into the habit of writing more consistently.
2. catch up on Everyday Happy homework. it's the last week! and I'm a week behind.
3. actually organize my bookshelf. 

The Nectar Collective

happy monday!

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