my photography workshop experience

while I was in Michigan this summer, I had the opportunity to attend a photography workshop. I know several of you might say “but your pictures are already awesome! why would you go to a photography workshop?” first, thanks. second, because as awesome as my photography has become [it didn’t start out this way] it could still be even more awesome. and because even though I have owned a camera capable of it for five years... I have not been shooting using manual mode.

the workshop was actually a much-belated birthday present from my parents. they have a condo in the town where it took place and we had planned to be over there at the time, so it was convenient for us. it was my Dad’s idea to attend together as a father/daughter activity. and no offense to anyone else, but this was one of the best presents I’ve ever received.

I was really nervous going into the weekend. really nervous. I mean... showing your work to someone who is a professional at something which you consider yourself to be an amateur is nerve-wracking. but everyone was there to learn, and it turned out to be a fantastic experience. the workshop was hosted by Todd and Brad Reed. you might recognize their work from a little old thing called the Pure Michigan ad campaign?

I can't say enough good things about Todd and Brad. they were fantastic at explaining the basics in a way that was easy to understand, and then showing us how to put them to use. they answered everyone’s questions, from those us of with moderate experience to those who had only a little [or a lot.] they were encouraging and constructive in their critiques, and the passion they have for their craft was contagious.

the workshop was hosted at the Cartier Mansion bed + breakfast in Ludington, a gorgeous old home and carriage house with a friendly and accommodating staff. the food they served us was incredible. and they made gluten-free biscuits just for me! I ate about a dozen. AND they gave us a private tour of the house.

over the course of the weekend, we ventured out on two shoots – seeing the sun rise over Lake Hamlin was worth getting out of bed at 5am in 37 F weather. our sunset at the state park was a bit of a dud, but I still has a great time crawling through the dunes. in fact, the photos you see in this post are a few of my favorites I shot during the workshop.

I had a great weekend, learned a ton, and have some fantastic photos to show for it. this isn't an official review or anything... mostly I wanted to share my photos and my experience. but if you are interested in a photography workshop, have the money to spend, and live in or can travel to west Michigan, this is definitely one I would recommend! if you are interested, you can check out their workshops here.

oh. I should also mention that I'm not afraid of manual mode anymore. in fact, I can't imagine going back. 

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