the writer's block: looking ahead to the new year

welcome to the writer's block: a monthly feature where I take a break from the typing and let a few of my sponsors share some information about themselves + their blogs.

last week I shared with you some of my plans for 2014. where I will travel, what I hope to accomplish, a few exciting events, and my motto for the year. I asked those same questions of the lovely ladies hanging out on my sidebar this month, and today I’m sharing their plans for the new year. read a little bit about them and what their 2014 has in store, then be sure to stop by their blogs and say hello!

the basics: I'm Dannielle and I'm from New York and found myself in England with my boyfriend and our two cats. I write about our travels, life, and other things I like. Join me on my journey to fit myself into the English culture and to fuel your wanderlust.

travel plans for this year: Where I will travel in 2014... I'm hoping to Greece! It's one of the countries at the top of my list right now. More realistically probably France and Belgium as my friend is coming to visit and I want to take her to my favourite bits.

an upcoming exciting event: A move to London is on the cards! So that will be exciting when it actually happens. Circumstances prevented us from going in 2013, so fingers crossed 2014 is our year.

her motto for 2014: My phrase for 2014 will be 'Get it done.' I get so easily distracted and I want to actually finish projects that I start this year, and learn the new things I've been putting off (I have two beginning knitting books to be read). No more putting things off!

learn more about Dannielle on her blog Chic-a-DeeDee

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the basics: The Art of Balance was created as a way for me to share my journey to a life of balance and stress-free living. I share my struggles and (successes!) living happily in spite of having anxiety in hopes of connecting with women all over the world who may share some of the same issues. If you follow along, you'll also learn about my love for dogs, reading, and helping others. I believe in cultivating my own happiness and balance in life and hope to inspire you too!

travel plans for this year: My fiance and I are still working out the details on what kind of honeymoon we can afford. Our top two locations would be Greece (mine) and Ireland (his) but we're pretty sure we'll have to put that trip on hold for a year or two. We recently started looking at Saint Lucia as a possibility because it has the best of both worlds: a little romance, privacy, and relaxation and a ton of awesome opportunities for adventures like waterfall hiking, zip-lining, and mountain biking.

an upcoming exciting event: That's easy, I'm getting married! My fiance and I will have been dating for almost 6 years (we're getting married 5 days before our 6th anniversary) and we still don't live together. We've always lived within 10 minutes of each other and spend plenty of time staying at each other's place, so we never felt the necessity to move in together. (Which ultimately makes my very traditional family happy.)

her motto for 2014: Go with the flow and let the little things go. For someone with anxiety, letting the little things go is really important to keeping stress levels low. Since 2014 will be full of life changes and lots of planning, I want to be intentional about keeping my stress levels low. I know that wedding planning can be really stressful so I want to be able to go with the flow and not stress about all the small things.

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the basics: After finishing college with no interesting job prospects in America, I decided to move to Moscow, Russia, take a job as an English teacher, and start a blog. I decided I'd live in Moscow for just a year, but now it's my fourth year in Moscow and I just married a Russian! My blog is a mix of musings on being an expat, explorations of Moscow, and stories of everyday life in Russia!

travel plans for this year: It's a quick start this year! January 1st will find me in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan for a not-so-romantic honeymoon! Beyond that, we're crossing our fingers for some super exciting travel in 2014 -- barring any visa issues for my husband, the Russky!

an upcoming exciting event: Big plans are in the works! If all goes well, we should be relocating to Chile in the summer/fall.

her motto for 2014: вперёд! (vperyod!) A Russian word that means "forward!" I've been feeling like my life has been a little stagnant and I'd like to shake it up and move forward in 2014!

learn more about Polly on her blog A Girl and Her Travels

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