packing list: my 5 travel splurges

as I’m planning for our trip to Bali this month, I’ve started a list of things to pack. last month I shared my 12 packing essentials [which will definitely be coming with me] but today I want to talk about the non-essentials.

I have a long history of being an over-packer. like, bringing a full size suitcase on a weekend getaway over-packer. sometimes I just bring too many clothes, sometimes I bring heavy or awkward souvenirs like my Nana's antique glass candy dish. but I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I’ve regularly splurged on stowing away in my bag over the years.

1. emergency manicure kit: it’s no secret that I love painting my nails. but I also hate having chipped polish. so when I plan to be traveling for a longer period of time [especially to a beachy location] I’ll pack one of these remover wipes, a bottle of polish and quick-dry topcoat. just be sure your caps are screwed on tight, and pack the polish in it's own ziploc baggie. [trust me, I speak from polish-covered experience.]

2. my hair dryer: my hair takes a LONG time to dry, and one of the things I hate most about traveling are the wimpy hotel blow dryers. they can also be pretty damaging to your hair [and cause some serious frizz.] my dryer is a few years old but super powerful- most days I can get away with not having to straighten my hair if I dry it thoroughly. I've tried leaving the dryer at home and bringing my straightener instead... but 5 minutes of using my dryer will beat 20 minutes with a hotel dryer + 10 minutes of straightening any day. 

3. too many shoes: this is one packing habit I think I've almost kicked. in the past I have been guilty of stowing away up to five pairs of sandals in my bag... they're light and don't take up much space, so I found this indulgence easy to justify. BUT. most of my sandals are pretty similar [as you can see] and bringing only 1 or 2 pairs that will match with everything isn't actually that difficult. 

4. camera gear: if you count my iPhone, I traveled everywhere last year with 3 cameras. my load got a lot lighter after I got my EOS M and started leaving my extra lenses at home, but the instax [and film] had to come with me as part of my 52 weeks project. I also always bring my spare battery + charger, remote, travel tripod, and waterproof iPhone case.

5. workout clothes: let’s be honest. you always think you're going to keep with your workout schedule on vacation, but you never do as much as you plan. when we went to Thailand this past summer I was training for a 10 mile race, and I managed to run twice while we were there. but instead of bringing one set of clothes to rinse + reuse, I packed 3 sets. oops.

with all that said… I will probably be packing nailpolish, my hairdryer, three cameras, and at least one set of workout clothes for Bali. if I plan to use them all, it’s not really a waste of space, right? I’m also curious to know… what are the things you always splurge on adding to your suitcase? I can’t be the only one who doesn't pack light!

the cup of coffee that fueled the writing of today’s post was sponsored by Brittany. she drinks her tea with sugar and blogs about her quest to create life experiences by traveling over at Life Changes ii.

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