Taipei // Longshan Temple

if you read this blog [and look at the pictures] you probably know by now I have a thing for the dragon-covered temples that can be found around every corner in Taiwan.

Longshan Temple in Taipei is one of the most famous temples in Taiwan. like many temples, it is dedicated to a combination of Taoist and folk deities [over 165 are worshipped here] and is one of the oldest and busiest religious sites in Taiwan.

if you take the MRT to the Longshan Temple stop, you can exit through an underground mall and surface across the street from the temple. past the gate there is a large courtyard with waterfalls to the right and a golden dragon fountain to the left.

the inside of the temple is packed with worshippers of all ages, burning incense and supplicating the various deities.

do I feel awkward and maybe a little irreverent poking my lens into someone elses' place of worship? yes. but I do my best to stay out of the way and be as inconspicuous as a white girl with a camera can be. [also, I saw five other people snapping away while we were there. so a little less awkward.]

Longshan Temple lacks the gold and sparkle of some of the places I've visited in Thailand, but I find the faded dragons just as captivating. there's just something about detailed tilework and ornate carvings that I love... no matter the culture the come from.

I might be biased with my love of dragons, but I think that Longshan Temple is definitely worth a stop if you're in Taipei - particularly if you've never been to a temple in Taiwan before. the complex is large but not overwhelming, and though every temple is unique, Longshan has a great representation of several different elements and styles.

plus... you could email me to come be your tour guide!

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