a visit to Nanliao Beach + a giveaway!

like most things in Taiwan, the beach at Nanliao turned out to be not quite what we had expected.

the first time we went there, I had high hopes. [some people just never learn.] the beach is not exactly one you'd like to visit for swimming or sunning. but there's enough of interest in the area to keep us coming back from time to time.

Jackie and I have been going on adventures together lately. we like to get out and explore, have life chats, and play with our cameras. I'm trying to keep up with posting these adventures because I want you to see Taiwan. and also, I have so much Bali I need a break sometimes. a few weeks ago our adventure destination by scooter was Nanliao Beach.

Nanliao is a strange place. it's a fishing port that thinks it wants to be a beach town. [I'm hoping to make it down to Taiwan's actual beach town of Kenting in a few months, where the beach is what you picture when you think of a beach.] on breezy days you can find people flying kites of all shapes and sizes, and you can also rent bikes to ride up and down the coast. there is an intense looking seafood place that we haven't tried, and a very tasty wood-fired pizza spot that we have. the boardwalk sports some interesting artwork crafted from what I assume is local driftwood.

it was much colder than we had expected, so we stopped at a local cafe for some wine + coffee to warm up. we wandered around the boardwalk and the nearby temple [I can never resist dragons] then headed out to the seawall.

to get up to the top of the wall, you have to climb your choice of rickety driftwood ladders tied with rope. the wind whips your hair into snarls, but when this hazy view of the Taiwan Straight is all you can get... it grows on you.

oh. and beware the bicycling lobsters.

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