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I know I don't have a traditional job, but getting out of bed this morning was tough. Monday mornings I do tutoring. [or rather, I have conversations with one of the Chinese teachers who wants to improve her English. we read news articles, or we just talk.] Taiwan doesn't observe daylight savings time, but I feel like I lost some sleep this weekend. both Husband and I have been borderline sick. it's just that season for sinus crud. and so my brain is not functioning at 100% at the moment... it's a list kind of day. 

1. I'm ready for another vacation. the weather has been chilly and damp, and sorting through Bali photos makes me wish I was back there sweating my face off. [or maybe curled up in bed under the covers.] after talking about the disappointment of Tanah Lot, I wanted to show you something that actually exceeded our expectations: our stay at Kertiyasa Bungalow. I'm not going to write a full "review" post but I will show you some photos from the hotel and say this:

the rooms were clean, the bed softer than those we’ve paid twice as much for elsewhere, and the service was incredible. every morning they served free breakfast in the restaurant. eggs any way you like with bacon or sausage, fresh crepes or French toast, or traditional Balinese breakfast dishes like fried rice or noodles. cooked to order, not a buffet. and served with your choice of fresh juice, coffee or tea, and fruit salad or fruit platter.

did I mention I'm ready for another vacation?

2. Ubud was the perfect destination for us. when we said we were going to Bali, most people automatically assumed it was a beach vacation. Bali does have some fantastic beaches… but our main goal of vacation was to relax. after doing some research we discovered that the main beach area of Bali [Kuta] is to Australians what Cancun is to American college students. namely: a great place to party and catch some sun. [though on our flight out we met a pair of Americans who had flown all the way to Bali to party in Kuta for a month. yes, a month.] we were more than happy to chill by the pool or play cards on our balcony. no beaches or bars required.

3. there's a small black kitten living outside our Starbucks. he's been there for the past few months. every time I see him it makes me: A. want to scoop him up and take him home, B. miss my kittens back in the states, C. take a picture to send to my friend and try to convince her to adopt it. the good news is this kitten seems happy and well-fed. [possibly because Husband occasionally buys him a cup of warm milk.] and before you try to tell me I should take him home... please remember that we travel 4 months our of the year, and boarding a cat for that long just isn't right.

in related news, I mentioned this kitten to my parents while skyping last week. since then there has been a 200% increase in the number of pictures of my cat that my mother emails me.

4. I've been binge watching Sex and the City. we used to watch it so often in college that I could recite every episode by heart. and now, at nearly 29, I am discovering so many things about this show. mainly: these women are kindof nuts. no wonder I had such trouble dating in college... most of my "relationship knowledge" came from this show, and the women pretty much just complain to each other and expect the men to read their minds [rather than actually talking to the men they are dating.] I think it's worse in the early seasons, and you know, it's just a tv show not a life manual. but holy cow am I glad I grew up and started to use this crazy thing called communication in my relationships.

5. I sorted through my wardrobe the other day. and put a whole suitcase full of clothes in "time out." I have a lot of things that are worn out or stretched out or out of style or just plan never get worn, and they are taking up precious space in my tiny wardrobe. so these clothes are now packed in a suitcase in storage. anything that I don't remove from the bag to wear in the next three months will be tossed. that way I don't have to commit to losing them just yet, but they are out of the way of the things I actually wear.

the much-needed cup of coffee that fueled the writing of today’s post was sponsored by Annie. she drinks her coffee with vanilla creamer and blogs about faith + lifestyle over at What She Saw.

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