balancing life + blogging [and an ad sale!]

I had a very different post in mind for today, but this little thing called life got in the way of it.

balance between life and blogging can sometimes be difficult. making time to reflect and share with the world prevents you from doing other things that you'd like to do sometimes. consistency and reliability are great things to have, and readers love them [or so I hear.] but if we don't get out there and actually experience life, what are we going to write about

I've found especially as of late it's been harder for me to make blogging time. I've been working hard on my book and the weather has warmed up enough that I don't want to spend my mornings and my afternoons staring at my computer.

a part of me feels like I should offer an apology, and yet another part feels that "blogger guilt" is complete bullshit. we share our lives because we love to share, but that doesn't require us to always do so. I've seen so many people struggling with what to share and how much of it to share and how often to share it... and the truth is I won't judge if you decide you need a break. go ahead and post only 3 times this week instead of 4 because it's finally spring and you should get out and enjoy it. 

and then, next week, you can tell us all about it. or not. your blog, your choice.

and in the spirit of celebrating spring, I've decided to host a little ad sale through this weekend. 

use the code SPRINGFLING to get 30% off any size ad.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a very happy start to your spring!

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