cats + creatures of Bali

if you've been reading for the past year or so, you know that I've posted three installations of "the cats of Thailand." Bali, it seems, does not have as many cats as they do monkeys running around. but there were still enough kittens and other creatures that I felt it necessary to write this post.

this little one was perhaps the most cooperative in having his picture taken. he had a friend which refused to come out of the bright light and let me focus on him. they were hanging out near the entrance to the water temple [which I'll show you later] which leads me to believe that yes, Bali does have temple cats.

further evidence. we didn't see any cats at Tanah Lot, but it was so crowded I assume they would be in hiding until night. there were also a few cats who frequented the small shrine and our hotel grounds, but they proved to be elusive [and only came out when I didn't have one of my three cameras on hand]

this bird was hanging out at the place where we had our mongoose poop coffee tasting. he was trained to sing and repeat phrases, which was neat but also kindof freaky. I've never really been a bird person.

which may be why this rooster freaked me out. he was chained up outside one of the small shops we walked past on our way to Mexican food. I was completely terrified he would fly at me and pluck my eyes out, but he didn't. luckily my eyes were safe behind the camera.

ok. I have the heebie jeebies just looking at this picture.

obviously when you travel to a tropical climate there will be bugs. I must be extra sweet because bugs tend to like me, as in like to bite me. I spent a few very itchy days after being chomped by ants. let's move on to something more cuddly because I'm getting itchy just thinking about it...

this poor cat - I followed him to take his picture and thought I lucked out when he just sat down. then Husband and our friends were laughing at me [I couldn't figure out why, maybe because I take so many cat pictures?] but no, they were cracking up because as I was taking its picture the cat was pooping. sorry to invade your privacy, cat.

and I leave you with this fluffy bunny that was also hopping round the coffee tasting place. I'm partial to kittens, but he was pretty darn cute.

no animals were harmed in the making of this post.

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