jetlag thoughts

flying for 14 hours in the opposite direction that the earth turns means that you see both a sunset and a sunrise, but somehow land on the same day as you left. 

this time travel is tricky stuff. I can't keep straight what day it is. I'm falling asleep at the dinner table and waking up at... well, this morning it was 3:30am. around 5 my cat Beau came in to harass me, and by 6 I decided that coffee and bacon sounded better than tossing and turning.

in one week I head to the west side of Michigan, then one week later back to the east. three days after that I'm headed to the north [of the LP at least] for a long weekend... then another week west, another week east before a week each in California and Texas. 

but next week I'm going to smother you in Tokyo Disney, because at the moment I'm having trouble thinking any thought through to its conclusion. I didn't do much planning ahead on the blog front, and with my brother visiting the past few weeks it piled up. I'm kind of sorry, but also not. I'd rather slack on blogging than slack on life. so here are some jetlag thoughts for you, far too early on a saturday morning...

I gave up and hit the "mark all as read" button. sometimes, you really just have to. 

I keep feeling the walls outside of rooms for light switches, and am surprised when people at the checkout counter actually TALK to me. in English.

having a working US cell phone again is confusing. people are calling/texting me, and things are happening on social media sites all day long. in my head I keep trying to re-calculate 12 hours behind... but I'm already there.

all of the kitten snuggles. so much fluff.

Target, I missed you. Meijer, I love you. Jimmy Johns unwiches and gluten free beer, and oh my tasty Chipotle. and bacon. bacon so black and crispy it practically crumbles in your hand.

digging clothes out of storage is like unwrapping Christmas presents. especially when you discover the pair of jeans you left behind last summer [as being too tight] now fit perfectly. 

we just booked airfare this week to travel to NEW ZEALAND for three weeks next February. obviously I want to enjoy my current trip, but I am super excited for this one next year.

old home videos are awesome. you guys, I was one spunky nine year old, let me tell you. 

no one does blue summer sky like the Midwest. it's so wide and clear and gorgeous... the complete opposite of the hazy humid cloud of Taiwan. it's good to be back, jetlag and all.

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