Hsinchu // Guquifeng + Putian Temple

the Guquifeng statue garden and Putian Temple is one of my favorite places to take visitors in Hsinchu. this place is part museum, part temple, part park and part statue graveyard. and you never know what you'll find while wandering its shaded pathways...

I've posted about this place before, but it seems like every time I visit I discover something new among the overgrown and seemingly abandoned grounds. there is rarely anyone else around the area outside the temple. the underground museum seems to draw a few visitors... but was closed the day Kelsey and I visited in May. [I think it's only open on weekends]

also newly discovered are these Lightroom presets from A Beautiful Mess that I've fallen in love with. I downloaded Lightroom 5 for my new Macbook since I had been operating on a much-outdated version of Photoshop Elements. Lightroom is definitely different and I'm still discovering how things work, but for $10 I couldn't pass up the presets.

Ava and Naomi seem to be my favorites of the set so far, or at least that's what I've mainly used [with a few small adjustments] for these shots. I'm not always a fan of photos looking "processed," but the dark and stormy moods seem to fit this mysterious place. I'm hoping that over time and with some practice I can wield the presets with a little more finesse. [and maybe create some of my own]

the cup of coffee that fueled the writing of today’s post was sponsored by Jenn. she drinks her coffee with Truvia + almond milk and blogs about lifestyle + home improvement over at Near and Far Montana.

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