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for my last installment in Tokyo Disneyland week, I'm just going to mash everything else together from Adventureland, Westernland [known in the US as Frontierland] Critter Country and Toontown. I don't have photos from all the rides, but I'll try to give you the lowdown on what we did and didn't do.

Pirates of the Caribbean

this ride was always one of my favorites growing up. in Tokyo it seemed to be less popular, even with the injection of Jack Sparrow into the attraction. since we could pretty much walk right on whenever we wanted, we rode this one 3 times [to escape the rain and just because we could.]

our first day at the park we had dinner at the Blue Bayou, which overlooks the loading area for the Pirates ride. it's indoors, but reminds me of a place I've been near Savannah, Georgia with the giant tree and lanterns. you don't encounter any Priates [or singing of yo-ho, thankfully] but the ambiance has lightning bugs and chirping crickets like you're right in the Bayou.

Jungle Cruise

this ride is another childhood favorite of mine. sadly it was closed for renovations during our visit. we opted for a spin on the Western River Railroad instead, and got our fill of animatronic animals that way...

Swiss Family Treehouse

in California and Hong Kong this attraction has been redone as Tarzan's Treehouse, but in Tokyo it remains as the original. it's not the most exciting thing in the park... but good to walk through for a change of scenery. from the top you can spot the castle and the Tiki Room [which is Stitch themed in Tokyo and all in Japanese, so we skipped it]

Big Thunder Mountain

this roller coaster railroad turned out to be one of my favorites. while indoor coasters make me nauseous, outdoor ones are just plain fun. we rode this twice, both times with fastpass. we ended up with later times, but being able to walk right in was awesome.

they still light the mountain at night, so you can see just fine as you roll past "mineral hot springs" and through a dinosaur skeleton, and watch some adorable possums spin on their branch as you blow by. I never rode Big Thunder as a kid but I really enjoyed it as an adult, and gladly would have gone a third and fourth time.

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain in Tokyo is identical to the other parks, aside from the story being told in Japanese. the most entertaining part, however, was the pair of tourists in front of us trying to NOT get wet. one of them brought a small towel to cover her face, and they both crouched down low in the seats when we went over the drop.

maybe I'm crazy, but when I go on a ride called Splash Mountain I expect to come away soggy...


we didn't go in to see any characters, but we did wander through and look at their houses. I was kind of shocked to hear that they no longer have Mickey's House, etc, at the Magic Kingdom in Florida... but in Tokyo you can still explore where your favorite classic characters live.

parts of the area were under construction, but in the way back we discovered Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin. it was loud and bright... and fun because you could control [to some extent] the spinning of your taxi cab. the theming was really great in the waiting area, and we had to watch the movie when we got home to refresh our memories.

overall, we really enjoyed our trip to Tokyo Disney! we got to ride everything we wanted at least once [of what was open] and discovered some new favorites along the way.

if you missed it: Monday's post on Tomorrowland and Wednesday's post on Fantasyland

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