life is good: may reflections + june goals

is anyone else outrageously surprised that it's June already? my May was pretty jam-packed and it just flew right by... but it was full of some amazing moments. today I'm joining Belinda's new life is good linkup in an effort to share not just goals and things checked off a list, but the everyday goodness that can sometimes be overlooked. in that spirit, here are some of my favorite feel-good moments of May:

+ being a kid at Tokyo Disneyland +
+ wine and macarons on the train +
+ interviewing myself +
+ my first Taiwanese baseball experience +
+ visiting a kitten cafe +

I'm flying back to the US in 2 days [have I mentioned that lately?] and beginning my travels to every corner of the country. it's going to be a crazy messy busy wild and beautiful summer. I can't wait.

my goals for last month were to enjoy time traveling and with visitors, soak up as much Taiwan as I can get before I leave, and to just let go and do what I can. I think I definitely got the first two down, though I've been a little panicky about being ready to leave.

this month I want to:
+ get packed and get back to the states +
+ participate in Rachel's instagram photo challenge +
+ print a paper copy of my book manuscript to edit +
+ run a 10k race [or drop down to the 5k depending how my foot feels] +
+ come up with a blog plan for summer +

of course, these goals are all contingent upon not burying my productivity under a pile of bacon and kitten snuggles once I arrive back in Michigan. is anyone else excited for the start of summer? what are your plans and goals this month?

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