DIY washi tape notebook

I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that I love washi tape. I've used it for a variety of projects, including photo displays, creating paintings and word art, just plain decorating my walls, and even for manicure inspiration. today I'm going to show you another ridiculously easy DIY project - how to cover your notebook with washi tape.

start by selecting your tapes. I'm realizing now that my colors look a lot like Christmas... in real life the greens are more minty and the pink is less red and more pink. or maybe I should use this notebook to get a head start on making my Christmas lists?

anyway. you'll also need a blank notebook. I used white since some of my tapes were a bit transparent, but another solid color would work well. you could also use a notebook that already has art on it and come up with something really interesting.

start by cutting a straight edge on your tape, then run your first color along the top edge. if it's not straight, just pull the tape up and reposition. cut a little excess tape and fold per to the inside cover of the notebook. add your second tape, your third tape, and so on.

I decided to keep things simple with just horizontal stripes, but you could go vertical or diagonal, or even weave or cut sections of the tape to create a pattern.

I initially added a vertical strip along the wire to reinforce it, and then removed it because I decided I liked the look better without. that's one of the great things about working with washi tape... removability!

this project was really easy and I'm tempted to cover all my notebooks and planners now. this would be a great way to personalize your notebooks for school, or make a cute journal to give a friend. washi tapes come in so many colors and patterns now, the possibilities are endless.

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