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since returning to Taiwan, Husband and I have been making an effort to establish healthy routines. [I ate a LOT of bacon while in the US this summer!] we've been getting into weight lifting, trying to run more, and eating less meat.

but if you're like me, making healthy choices doesn't always seem fun or easy. I've asked 3 of my sponsors this month to share some advice on how they stay active and eat well - I'm hoping it will help both you and me! feel free to share your tips below in the comments, and be sure to visit these lovely ladies blogs when you're done reading.

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Hey new friends! I'm Alicia, writer at Jaybird: Home in Motion. Whether I'm cooking, running, or exploring Chicago, I love to share as I go through stories and photographs. I'm a foodie (the on-a-budget, make-it-yourself kind) and an amateur apartment gardener, so I'm always looking for recommendations of new things to try.

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what is your favorite way to exercise or be active? I love to go hiking, but I honestly barely go now that I live in flat Illinois. Instead I try to pair exercise with exploration and go on long walks or runs through my neighborhood in Chicago. Who could resist with gorgeous murals like this one? Or this one?

how do you stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle? By waking up every day and recommitting to my purpose and goals. When I slip up into a giant bowl of takeout or a long, lazy weekend, I pick myself up and try again.

what are your favorite healthy meals to make? I love to cook, so don't even get me started...every Sunday, I make this healthy vegetable frittata so I have breakfast ready M-F. I also love turning vegetables into noodles, like in this spicy raw 'peanut' noodle recipe, or with zucchini noodles cooked in butter with basil leaves. And if I can sneak in a semi-healthy dessert, I looove these paleo pumpkin swirl brownies (real pumpkin, no refined sugar, gluten-free & still delicious).

how do you keep on track with exercise while traveling? Honestly, social media really helps keep me on track! On my last trip, I used Instagram to share photos from my walks with the hashtag #jaybirdwalks. The desire to see something beautiful kept me hitting the hills every day, in part so I could snap a picture.

what is your fitness motto? In life and in fitness: make yourself proud.

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I'm Christina, the girl behind the scenes here at Route Bliss. I'm a 30-something single wannabe vagabond whose practicality and realist side keeps her planted in East Texas. By weekday I write lots of reports at my job as well as daydream frequently where I want to travel to next, ways to motivate myself to getting fit for health and happiness's sake, and experimenting in the kitchen to make my favorite not so healthy foods healthier. I also like to take lots of photos of pretty things, furry critters (aka canines and felines), and beautiful destinations.

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what is your favorite way to exercise or be active? I love running outdoors. I'm not the greatest at it, but getting outside, whether on the track or a trail and getting 'away' from it all is a huge stress reliever. When its not option, zoning out while strength training is a close second.

how do you stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle? Knowing all the oh so wonderful things I have to look forward to inheriting thanks to genetics. If I can prolong something or having to take another prescription medication, why not?

what are your favorite healthy meals to make? I love steamed and grilled veggies as well as grilled/baked chicken + homemade mac & beef when I need some comfort food.

how do you keep on track with exercise while traveling? Not very easily! Last year, it was easier to exercise by way of hiking to various viewpoints in national parks as well as picking places that involved walking since we were on the road for 12 days (and driving most of them). Also, picking a motel/hotel where you unload the vehicle yourself will get you some strength training in. One that I chose a couple years ago didn't have an elevator, so carrying a cooler + luggage up from the parking lot to a second floor + when we left two days later was two good workouts :)

what is your fitness motto? Probably either 'suck it up buttercup' on days I just ain't feeling it ... or one that I saw on a tee recently that describes my goals, "I don't want to be Barbie, I want to be stronger than Ken"

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Kelley from Move By Yourself

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what is your favorite way to exercise or be active? I get bored really easily when it comes to working out so I love to mix it up. Take classes, try to new workout videos, pick different equipment at the gym, try a new sport or activity. Right now I’m really getting into yoga.

how do you stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle? Staying motivated can be one of the hardest thing for me when it comes to exercise. One thing that helps me is following some inspirational people on Instagram. I also love to try new exercise new exercise workshops and classes because they introduce me to some really motivating people.

what are your favorite healthy meals to make? I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I’m really into smoothies lately, I usually make one every day for breakfast, I’ve started adding chia seeds, they are amazing. I’ve also found soups are really easy to make and great for filling you up without being too heavy.

how do you keep on track with exercise while traveling? Finding the time or motivation to exercise while traveling is usually one of the last things on my mind, so one of the best ways to get a work out in while you are on the road is try some new and fun activities, like going for a hiking, taking a surf lesson or riding a bike around town.

what is your fitness motto? I don’t know if I have a fitness motto. But, I do love to live by the idea that you should never skip a Monday workout. It’s always tempting but, starting off your week right will lead to better and healthier decisions throughout the rest of the week. Also, it makes it a little more acceptable to skip a workout later when you get distracted by some fun weekend activities.

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