Taipei // Stray Cats Cafe

I love cats. and I especially love kittens. leaving our two cats behind when we moved abroad was one of the hardest parts of becoming an expat. so when my brother came to Taiwan and said he wanted to visit a cat cafe - a place where you can sit and play with kittens for as long as you like - I was all in.

the concept of cats and coffee might seems a little strange, even more so the concept of cats and eating. but cat cafes are a big deal in Asia, where many people don't have pets. you can come to the cafe and play with animals, sip a latte, read a book, and just hang out.

we selected the Stray Cats Cafe in Taipei to visit, since I had found a blog post recommending it and stating that most of their cats were still kittens. this cafe is also great because all their kittens are up for adoption! they take in strays and then help to find them homes. a few of the cats are older, and act as mothers for the little ones.

we arrived to find a crowd of children chasing around playing with the kittens. there are plenty of cat towers and feathery wands and toys to keep them occupied, and they are all very friendly with the cafe visitors. soon the kittens were tired out and realized they could come hide sleep on/near our table. we didn't mind.

I pretty much didn't want to leave... ever. but dumplings were calling my name, and we had other things to see in Taipei. a cat cafe was the perfect place to sit [in air conditioning] and have a drink while enjoying some serious adorableness. I'm planning to head back soon to get my kitten fix!

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