Hong Kong // Chi Lin Nunnery

the sign at the entrance says: when one enters the mountain gate, one leaves behind the tribulations of secular life. with its symmetrical wooden structures, fountained louts ponds, and quiet atmosphere, the Chi Lin Nunnery lived up to this promise for me. it was just the spot of serenity I needed to put behind my uncomfortable experience from earlier that day down by Victoria Harbor.

Chi Lin Nunnery is set into the base of the mountains on Kowloon, near the Diamond Hill MTR stop. this Buddhist monastery is one of the most unique I have seen, being constructed out of a beautiful dark wood. all the small trees they had potted and sculpted around the complex gave it a natural feeling. don't get me wrong - I love colorful and ornate temples. but this little oasis from the bustle of Hong Kong was exactly what I needed.

this is an active monestary, so not all is open to the public and photos are not allowed in some areas. but it is free to enter, and next to the nunnery is an entire garden park you can explore: the Nan Lian gardens [also free - more of that in an upcoming post.]

if you find yourself in Hong Kong and wanting to escape for a few hours, I suggest you follow Shakespeare's advice and get thee to a nunnery. [come on, you know I had to reference Hamlet at least once in this post!]

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