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well hello there! it's been a crazy few weeks, so let's take a minute to catch up. [in list form, obviously.]

1. the ink + adventure reader survey will stay open through friday, so if you have been thinking of responding and haven't yet - get on it. for everyone who has already taken it THANK YOU. I'll be reviewing the data and sharing it with you [as well as some changes it will effect on the blog] in the next week or so.

2. I've been considering some changes to my sponsorship program. it's been live for almost a year, and I've learned a bit through the experience. I definitely will keep it going, since I use that income to sponsor other blogs myself... but it might look a little different in 2015. I've also been considering some redesign, but need to learn a bit more about coding before I dig in. teaching my blog class has uncovered a lot of resources I want to utilize.

3. I have a big announcement to make, but I'm not ready yet. is that annoying and cryptic for me to even mention it then? maybe. but I want to thank everyone who sent good thoughts my way these past few weeks, because they worked. good news coming soon.

4. I'm trying my best to not let pinterest give me unrealistic expectations about New Zealand. I fell into the trap of extremely photoshopped and geographically inaccurate pins last year when we went to Bali. [Tanah Lot most specifically.] I've found images that claim to be New Zealand that are actually Iceland, California, Thailand, or that one photo that actually is from NZ but has been color-changed to look like the "Scotland fairy pools" with purple trees. I'm trying to do more blog research and look at pictures from people who have actually been there. [and, well, it still all looks amazing.]

5. I feel strange typing this sentence, but: Husband and I went to Texas Roadhouse the other day. they opened one in Taipei a few weeks ago, and it is exactly like in the states. bucket of peanuts, fresh rolls and cinnamon butter, country music, and roadhouse decor. I ordered the 6oz Dallas filet and it was tender as ever and perfectly cooked. the best steak I've had in Asia. oh, expat life.

6. we got hit by a car the other day. [don't freak out Mom!] we were scooting and a car decided to turn right while we were going straight. since scooters usually stay to the right, we got trapped between the car and the curb. we were both going very slow and Husband saw what was happening and did the best to lower the impact and not have us tip over. I do have a small bruise on the outside of my knee, but nothing compared to the crash we had 2 years ago. honestly I've gotten worse bruises from running into tables and doorknobs and kitchen cupboards... which happens often since I'm pretty clumsy.

7. I'm starting to get a bit of the expat holiday blues. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I always feel bummed when I miss our big family celebration. thankfully the teachers at our school are continuing the tradition of a big potluck dinner. everyone still has to work... but it's better than nothing. I think our disco dinosaur tree might need a few additions this year, but I haven't settled on what to create.

and that's about it. hoping to be back soon with more photos and travel stories, but I've already accepted that less blogging during the holiday season is 100% ok. [and I've apparently decided that the holiday season has already begun!]

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