BIG NEWS and the future of ink + adventure

the next few months will be bringing some changes to both this blog and my life. I considered waiting longer to share this news. but for one - I'm not always great at keeping secrets [just ask Husband how many birthdays/holidays he's known his gifts in advance.] and secondly - I've been hinting at this for a while and I know you're impatient to hear. I debated combining this announcement with my reader survey results, since it seemed to make sense... but I'll just mention a few things here and give you a full results post shortly.

well at this point you've probably already scrolled down to peek... but here's our big news:


in case you're new around here [and according to the survey, almost half of you have come on board in the past six months] you should know that my Husband teaches at an international high school. we have been at this school in Hsinchu for two years, and are currently on our third year.

while we have loved this community, made some amazing friends, and will always be thankful for our first international home... we have decided that it is time to move on. it will be bittersweet to leave, but the good news is that everything we loved about this place won't be too far away. because. we are moving to...


we are both unbelievably excited. Husband has accepted a teaching position at one the the best private schools in Asia, which will allow us both to continue pursuing our professional, personal, and financial goals for the future. life in Taipei will afford us easy access to many things via the MRT system - dumplings, dragons, western import goods, IKEA, museums, mountains, night markets... and all without having to deal with helmet hair. and of course that comes along with many other more serious benefits. [not that dumplings aren't seriously important.]

this is the right move for us right now. it won't be a huge adjustment, as we are staying in the same country and are familiar with the neighborhood we will be living in. we already have friends in Taipei, and will only be a short high speed train ride from our friends in Hsinchu. there is a small part of me that wanted to move somewhere new and exciting... but our situation will allow for continued travels around the region and the world. so there will still be lots of excitement and adventures in our life!

um, and obviously this occasion was cause for donning lipstick and having a photoshoot.

one of the [many] questions my parents had for me when we first chatted about this move, was what would happen to my blog? absolutely, I intend to continue blogging. and the bulk of the content will continue to be travel and expat related - which is what readers said you love to read about most.

because we will be staying in Taiwan, I want to dig a little deeper into this lovely island. there is so much here that I still want to explore, and to share. I often receive emails from readers who are planning to visit or move to Taiwan. I'm hoping to publish much of the knowledge I've shared with them already, as well as new ideas that future travelers and expats can benefit from. that being said - I'd love to hear what you want to know.

well. now that the cat's out of the bag, I don't have much else to say. [other than to maybe reiterate how excited I am about this!]

I hope you all have a lovely week, and a happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.


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