Hsinchu // Jhulian Temple

unlike some of the smaller temples around town, the Jhulian Temple is tough to miss. an imposing courtyard flanked by food stalls and stone carvings, a large golden brazier for burning incense, and [of course] dozens of colorful dragons.

according to the helpful sign posted nearby, the Jhulian Temple [also known as the Bamboo Lotus Temple] is one of Hsinchu's 3 main temples. it is dedicated to the boddhisatva Guanyin and subsidiary deities Jhusheng Niangniang [Registrar of Births], Fude Jhengsheng [Lord of the Land], and Jing Jhugong [Lord Protector of the Boundary]

I don't really have much to add to that [other than: "blue sky, pretty dragons"] so how about some pictures?

Jhulian Temple is probably the most impressive I have discovered [yet] in Hsinchu. I love the tiny temples tucked into alleyways, but places like this are real stunners too. I hope you guys don't ever get sick of seeing photos of dragons, because I doubt I'll ever be tired of taking them...

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