a typical atypical day

combining yesterday and today's blog every day in may challenges... here are ten things that made me happy today:

1. I woke up around 7:30 this morning, as Husband was getting ready to head to work. for some that may not count as sleeping in, but after waking up at 6 the past week for subbing it was a glorious extra hour and a half.

2. I did my usual email, facebook, instagram, twitter check and saw Lauren was in need of a quiche recipe. I dug up a link from my old blog to my tried-and-true recipe to send her, and she sent me a very sweet response. some days I miss my oven and my sprinkles but I'm glad I kept the blog up so I can still share recipes with friends in need.

3. thinking about quiche of course made me hungry for breakfast. we haven't been grocery shopping in quite some time, but I managed to scrounge up some onion, tomato, cheddar, and jalepeno and made a batch of egg muffins. Husband arrived home on a break between classes just in time to sit and eat with me.

4. I had a 10am skype appointment with a friend. I always feel better after I've spent an hour [or two, or three] chatting with someone. unless I'm teaching, I spend most of my day alone or surrounded by people speaking a different language. which can be nice sometimes. but feeling connected is good too.

5. I booked myself a haircut. I haven't had one since before we left for Thailand in January. I have absoloutely no idea what style I'm going to ask for, so will probably just ask for a trim to get rid of the split ends. BUT suggestions for new hairstyles are welcome.

6. at 1:30, sirens similar to tornado warnings started to go off. normally this would cause me to panic. especially after this past weekend where Husband and I were awakened by a giant crash of thunder which made us [and others in our building] think we were being bombed by China. but thankfully I was aware that today is the national air raid drill in Taiwan. everyone must stay indoors for half an hour, until the sirens sounds again for the "all-clear". why is this on a list of happy things? well... it was a drill and not the real thing.

7. I wanted to get out of the house after the drill, but it was raining and therefore not conducive to scooting. so I walked to Starbucks. and wrote. two thousand words.

8. then I edited the photos you see, and started writing this post. a few weeks ago I tried out a technique called "free lensing" where you detach the lens from the camera body and just hold it and tilt it to try controlling the focus. it was a gloomy day and the pictures came out all kinds of weird... but in a good way.

9. I came home and enjoyed myself a beverage. [I do love a good single malt scotch whisky.]

10. Husband and I went out for some pho. the music there is always interesting... the owner has an ipad playing youtube playlists and hooked through the speakers. and the playlist of the evening tonight? an NSync and Backstreet Boys greatest hits mashup. hello, middle school. in a good way.

today wasn't what I would consider a typical day [I mean... air raid drill?] but since I don't have a set day-to-day routine, atypical is really what is typical. which means... that today was a typical atypical day.

so. how was your day?

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  1. Ohh, I love that you spend so much time in nature.


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