sorry, I'm not sorry

dear readers:

I'm sorry that I haven't finished editing pictures of Boracay yet. and that it's been... almost 4 months. actually, I'm more sorry that I'm not sitting on the beach right now. [and I'm sorry that you aren't with me.] I'm sorry that this is going to be a random post and the best I could do to save it was to drop in pictures from vacation.

I'm sorry I've been absent from blogging this past week. [and instagram, now that I think about it.] I'm sorry that you've missed out on the thrilling bits of wisdom I was sure to drop you... likely involving advice on how to travel without being a tourist [but kindof being a tourist anyway], or the worst interview question I was ever asked [if you could be a piece of furniture, what would you be?], or just random facts about myself [such as: did you know my hair is curly?] right. [this post is shaping up to be awesome already, isn't it?]

I'm sorry to throw you a shameless self-promotion and say you should review my blog on expats blog. and then check out the other 1,674 expat blogs from around the world. holy cow, there are some amazing people out there living some amazing lives.

I'm sorry to the adorable Allison that I probably won't ever get around to writing the post she nominated me for, but appreciate it anyway. in fact, I'm sorry to all of you who have commented or emailed and I've missed. and to all the new readers whose blogs I haven't checked out yet... sorry.

I'm sorry I switch around bits and pieces of my blog design every so often [and sometimes the whole thing!] and make it confusing. I'm sorry that changing to using Disqus for comments means you have to sign into twitter or google or facebook or make a disqus account. and I'm sorry that in all probability I will change back to blogger comments if I feel it's not working out. [or if you voice your opinion to me that you feel it's not working out.]

I'm sorry I have yet to inform you about the two cobras that are slithering around our school's campus. that's right. cobras. Husband came home last week with a flyer that said two cobras were spotted, but failed to be caught, so we should be careful when walking around campus and stay away from grassy areas. especially at night. [anyone remember the cobra escape from the Bronx zoo and the hilarious fake twitter account?] I'm trying to find amusement in the situation while exercising caution. and trying not to be more than slightly terrified. don't worry, I checked in our dirty laundry pile. no cobras there.

I'm sorry that I've missed out on writing and linking up and exploring more than half of the blog every day in may prompts. but... not really that sorry. because I'll never be the girl who consistently blogs every day and I while I love new readers and visitors and comments and pageviews I refuse to make this blog about that. I'm not really that sorry, because I've been out living life. scooting to Nanliou to see the Taiwan straight and eating pizza when I probably shouldn't. I've been making summer plans and evading cobras and beating Husband at canasta. [ok, he's won more games than I have.] I've been going out for girls nights and double dates and trying to embrace my natural hair texture. and instead of chaining myself to my computer I've spent time walking or sunning or reading or writing or doing whatever I please. because if I don't ever get out and live a little life, what on earth would I write about?

so... sorry, but I'm not that sorry. xo


  1. this may be my most favorite photograph of you xx

    1. Husband took it, and he says the same thing :)


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